Be ready for nominations!  We will post the link as soon as it is available.

Purpose:  To honor the members and others who have been champions in the defense of human and civil rights.

Nominees must have met two out of the five following criteria:

 *   Must have initiated or engaged in human and civil rights activities which have had a community wide impact. (250 words)
 *   Must have contributed to the motivation of individuals or groups seeking self-determination.
 *   Must have shown creativity, determination, and perseverance in achieving human and civil rights goals.
 *   Must have established an on-going program or institution for the improvement of human relations and civil rights.
 *   Must have taken an advocacy position at personal risk in the defense of civil rights.

Nominating Procedures:

 1.  Nominees must be an individual, group, or an organization working in the area of human and civil rights, and if eligible, members of the NJEA.
 2.  Nominations will be accepted from an individual member or members of the NJEA.
 3.  Nomination must be accompanied by no more than three pieces of supportive documentation which may include newspaper clippings, newspapers, programs, certificates, citations, or website links. 
 4.  No application forms or materials received after the deadline will be considered.  Every application must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation.
 5.  The award recipient must be available to attend the awards ceremony at the NJEA Human and Civil Rights Celebration on January 11, 2020.
 6.  The NJEA Human and Civil Rights Committee will make the final selection with the approval of the NJEA Executive Committee.
 7.  Nomination forms and documentation must be postmarked by November 1.

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