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PCEA would like to welcome our newly elected representatives. These individuals will begin their term on September 1, 2018.

PCEA Executive Board Member-at-Large, Active Professional

  • Lauren Spiller
  • James Costello
  • Beverly Carey

PCEA Executive Board Member-at-Large, Educational Support

  • Nikki Baker

NJEA Delegate Assembly

  • Dennis Carroll
  • Lori Lalama
  • John McEntee, Jr.
  • Tara Temprano

NJEA Delegate Assembly Alternate

  • Lauren Spiller
  • Pamela Fadden
  • MaryAnn Tomaszewski

From the PCEA Constitution:


Section 1

The Officers and Executive Board Members-at-Large shall be elected by the active membership. Retired member(s) to the Executive Board will be elected by PCREA according to their rules. All nominees for contested elected offices shall be elected by secret ballot of the total active membership.

Section 2

The Nominating Committee shall be selected according to a formula established by the NJEA State Election Committee Rules for County Elections. The Nominating Committee shall submit its list of names of nominees for Officers and Executive Board Members-at-Large by the date of the NJEA deadline for County Nominating Committee nominations. Independent nominations may be made by petition. Petitions for nomination for the offices of County President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure, or Executive Board Members-at-Large shall contain the signature of at least five percent (5%) of the total active membership of the PCEA or the signature of at least seventy-five (75) such members, whichever is less, with at least five such signatures from each of at least five such signatures from each of at least five local affiliates in the county. All nominees shall also hold membership as required in Article III. 

Section 3

The Association shall guarantee to work towards the principle of one-person/one-vote, ethnic minority and educational support staff representation on governing bodies at least proportionate to its membership.

Section 4

Elections for contested NJEA positions i.e. Executive Committee, Delegate Assembly, and Delegate Assembly Alternates shall be conducted following NJEA guidelines.

Section 5

Elections for contested PCEA positions shall be conducted following NJEA guidelines.

Section 6

Elections for NEA positions shall be conducted following NEA guidelines.

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